We produce all our wines : the two Brouilly and Morgon vintages and the Beaujolais-Villages
The type of vine is a Black Gamay with white juice.
We make a white wine as well of the Chardonnay type.
Our wines are regularly referenced in the Hachette Guide and we have been rewarded the Silver Medal at the 2006 Paris Fair

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Our wine production

- Grapes grown in a granite soil- Deep rich purple colour , ripe fruit flavours with hints of cherry, peach, apricot and plum aromas.
- To serve at 13° with meat in sauce, game


Superb and dense ruby colour, with a nose of red fruits with a touch of plum and minerals
This southernmost vintage has a vigorous character
- To be served at 12 ° with red meat, game birds
- Grapes grown in a sandy alluvial soil with granite stone

Lively cherry colour, strong red fruit nose with a blackcurrant
- To serve at 11-12°; it goes well with many dishes but perfect for pork and poultry
- Grapes grown in crystalline soil